Composting is an efficient way to break down organic materials into organic fertilizer—compost that is beneficial to the soil and growing plants. Fast composting methods depend on the use of turning units which may mean all the difference between getting compost within 4-8 weeks or 3-8 months.
Effect of compost pile turning

Compost turning keeps compost pile in an aerobic statecomposting
Air is important to the decomposition process. Turning can add oxygen to the compost pile, which is good for the aerobic microorganisms.
Compost turning creates new passageways for air and moisture before the pile compresses
As material decomposes your pile will compress and shrink in size. This will naturally cool down the pile sooner than the material is fully decomposed. Turning exposes more particles of material. It fluffs all up, thereby allowing the mix of air, moisture and heat to continue the decomposition process.
Compost turning speeds up the composting process
The number of times the pile is turned influences composting speed. By turning more frequently (about every 2-4 weeks), you will produce compost more quickly. Waiting at least two weeks allows the center of the pile to heat up and promotes maximum bacterial activity. The average composter turns the pile every 4-5 weeks.

compost pilesCompost turning eliminates odors and matting of materialA pile that stinks probably has too much nitrogen (GREEN) materials and/or is to moist. It is also probably compressed under the weight of so much moisture in the green materials. Adding more carbon (BROWN) materials to balance out the greens is important, at which time turning is critical to fluff up the organic material. In any case, turning odorous or matted compost heaps exposes more surface area so that air and heat can move again through the pile.
Turning tool: compost turner
To make good quality and nutritious bio-organic fertilizer, the very composting tool –compost turner is necessary. During compost turning, compost turner integrates blending and crushing for bio-organics decomposing. It accelerates fermentation speed and prevents generation of poisonous and smelly gas such as sulfuretted hydrogen, amine gas, etc. Therefore, compost turner is in favor of environment and improves fertilizer efficiency.
The compost turner is the professional machine to help you make top quality and nutritious compost fertilizer conveniently and simply. Whirlston Machinery can offer you various kinds of compost turners which enjoy great popularity for their unique advantages to meet your different requirements.