How to Fertilizer Wheat
According to the earth condition,wheat adaption ability to fertilizer and productivity requirements, we conclude the following three fertilizer principles:
Spreading organic fertilizer as basic fertilizer, blend organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer. Organic fertilizer features wide source,low cost,full nutrition,long-term fertilizer efficiency,improve earth conditions,etc. It can increase wheat productivity and improve soil fertility. But because of the large amount requirements,slow efficiency, we have to supply a certain nutrition by spreading chemical fertilizer. Only in this way, can we ensure the improvement of soil fertility and sustainable increase of yield.

Spreading sufficient basic fertilizer, use seed fertilizer and additional fertilizer in a wise way. The amount of basic fertilizer accounts for 60%-80%. The sufficient basic fertilizer application can promote seedlings sprouting early and bring out strong stalks. The basic fertilizer is mainly organic fertilizer and assissted by nitrogen fertilizer and phosphatic fertilizer.Sufficient basic fertilizer can not only supply nutrition to help wheat growth but also improve soil quality so that make the soil fertile.

spreading fertilizer

On the basis of sufficient fertilizer, spread additional fertilizer is a major method to increase productivity through fertilizer. The reasonable spreading additional fertilizer means that based on the wheat growth rule,speading fertilizer on purpose and satisfy wheat growing requirements. The wheat growth rule is like this: before winter, it adopts large amount of nitrogen fertilizer,and the less amount of phosphatic fertilizer and potassic fertilizer. In order to satisfy the nitrogen fertilizer demand, people used to spread 1.5-2.5kg nitrogen fertilizer as planting fertilizer to increase wheat growing. During wheat seedling period, it stills need more nitrogen fertilizer,but with the increasing amount of phosphatic fertilizer and potassic fertilizer. The fertilizer applied in Winter mainly plays its role in spring. From seedling establishment period to jointing stage, wheat adopts more potassium fertilizer and phosphate fertilizer. As there is phosphate in the basic fertilizer, wheat grows prosperously.

Spread fertilizer in different layers. Basic fertilizer spreading in layers means its application should be divided into two layers, the first layer spreading should be deeply ploughing; as to the second layer, quick-acting fertilizer should be supplies with good quality organic fertilizer. After spreading, plough and rake soils to make fertilize balanced spread.

For the additional fertilizers, spread them in the depth of 5-10cm,especially for nitrogen fertilizer like ammonium bicarbonate and ammonia water which have strong volatility. Deeply spreading fertilizer can ensure its adoption, increase utilization rate and the effect can be 10%-30% higher.
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