Five Main Importers of Potash Fertilizer
Potash is one of basic fertilizer components and it plays an indispensible role in crops and plants growing process such as the activation of enzyme system,photosynthesis,the transportation of assimilation product,carbohydrate metabolism and protein synthesis,etc. For those countries which has large consumption of potash fertilizer, they should have strong productivity or rely on import.potash fertilizer

Canada potash fertilizer company has targeted its future goal to the whole world including the increasingly mature North American fertilizer market and the continuously rising Asian and South American market. Among them, China has been the largest potential fertilizer consuming market. China has 90 million agricultural population which covers 64% of the total population. We believe that the potash fertilizer consumption in China is amazingly huge. The increasing of income brings about the rising demand on meat,fruits and vegetables which has direct influence on potash fertilizer application. It is reported that the potash fertilizer market in China has some disadvantages such as lack application, which will of course lead to adverse effect on crops and plants healthy growing.
Brazil is the second largest potash fertilizer importer and the amount last year was 7.7 million tons. Brazil is the superpower in the world agriculture field and the crops growing depends largely on potash fertilizer.

India has 1.2 billion population which accounts for 18% in the world. However, india only covers 11% of the agricultural acreage and the crops productivity is 20%-25% of that in Amarica. Therefore, using potash fertilizer in a more balance and effective way is the only wise method for Indian people to make their limited agricultural acreage high productivity. Up to last year, India has imported potash about 2.7 million ton and listed as the NO.3 potash fertilizer importer. It is predicted that the total import amount of potash fertilizer will be exceeded 4 million tons in 2013.
Indonesia and Malaysia are respectively the fourth and fifth potash fertilizer importers, and the import amount is 2.4 million tons and 1.5 million tons. Southeast Asia region produces 85% palm oil and 40% rice for the whole world. Because of the limited agricultural acreage,the world’s increasing demand on palm oil and rice, the farmers are forced to apply more potash fertilizer to raise production. It is anticipated that the total import amount in these two countries will reach 2.6 million tons and 1.7 million tons.

By comparison of the five countries potash fertilizer import situation, we can make sucn a conclusion: on one hand, potash fertilizer demand has such a strong return trend that in the near future the main potash fertilizer importers will increase import amount to satisfy their requirements. On the other hand, China and India has completed their trade contracts and the agricultural products price will rise accordingly. This will stimulate farmers demand on potash fertilizer and make them to the major potash fertilizer consumers.

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