Diammonium Phosphate Fertilizer Export Slow Down
The central Florida gets warm and rains a lot. The northeastern region has a large demand on phosphatic fertilizer. With the fertilizer wide application in spring ploughing period, the inventory level is decreasing. The central Florida phosphatic fertilzier price is between 465-520 FOB. It is said that there phosphatic fertilizer exportmaybe a small decline of phosphatic fertilizer price and the lowest price will be 455 FOB. MAP(monoammonium phosphate) price has little fluctuation and the range is within 20 dollars per ton. Last week,CFR exported phosphatic fertilizer to Brazil at 515 FOB. India has a prosperous demand on DAP (diammonium phosphate) and they are negotiating with importers with the hope of lowering down price and sign contract as soon as possible. DAP plant in Saudi Arabia has stopoed working for overhauling and the export will be influenced.

India Demand Decreasing Affects Our Phosphatic Fertilizer Export
India is agricultural country and also one of the top fertilizer importers in the world. It has a demand on DAP of 6 million ton per year and is the major market of many fertilizer exporters. America was the NO.1 importer and accounts for 30%-40% of Indian total import amount. But since 2001, the import amount has changed a lot and America share decreased from 35% to 21% and China share increased from 35% to 40%, which makes China the NO.1 importer of phosphatic fertilizer. Asia is the largest phosphatic fertilizer trading region and India and China are the two major consumers.
This year,however, India phosphatic fertilizer demand has changed:
Firstly, in 2013, phosphatic fertilizer has an increase of 15%, e.g. DAP is 3 million ton. From April to December, India DAP sale decreased 14% and NPK fertilizer 30%-40%.
Secondly, Indian government has adjusted its subsidy policy. Because of the financial pressure, the subsidy decreased 14% which has great bad influence on farmers initiative of phosphatic fertilizer application.
Thirdly, Exchange rate affects fertilizer import.
Fourthly, the extreme climate makes India rained in the whole spring and pushed the spring ploughing, which also explained why DAP had so much stock.
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