How Much Do You Know about Fertilizer in the Market
fertilizersThere are so many kinds of fertilizer in the market that the competition in fertilizer market is quite fierce. To arouse people’s purchasing desire, some companies rack their minds to bring about some misleading slogans such as full nutritional fertilizer, increasing production by one shot fertilizing,etc. Actually, all kinds of fertilizers are helpful to crop growing but not effect magic effects like what they are boasted.
Classified by ingredients or characters, fertilizer includes inorganic fertilizer,organic fertilizer and biofertilizer. Inorganic fertilizer is also called as chemical fertilizer like nitrogenous fertilizer,phosphatic fertilizer,potash fertilizer and bb fertilizer; Organic fertilizer is called as farmyard manure such as animal manure,green manure,cake fertilizer,barnyard manure and compost windrow,etc; Biofertilizer is to improve plants growing condition and can not be supplied directly.

By the requirement of a certain element, fertilizer can be needed in large amount,medium amount and micro amount. The large amount fertilizer is like nitrogenous fertilizer,phosphatic fertilizer,potash fertilizer; the medium amount need fertilizer is like calcium fertilizer,magnesium fertilizer and sulfur fertilizer; the micro amount need fertilizer spreading seasonfertilizer is the fertilizer with ingredients like iron, manganese,boron,zinc,copper, molybdenum and so on.

We can categorize fertilizer into basic fertilizer,additional fertilizer,seed manure and foliar-fertilizer.
BB fertilizer is a kind of blending fertilizer which contains at least two elements among nitrogen,phosphorus and potassium. The widely applied formula fertilizer also belongs to bb fertilizer and it is specially formulated through nutrition and crop growing law which is very effective. The formula fertilizer is cost-effective and high-effect in crop, thus can increase profit.
We have seen controlled-release fertilizer which is a new type fertilizer. It can extend the effective period of fertilizer nutrition adoption by many controlling methods such as delay releasing initially. Formula fertilizer can improve fertilizer effect,reduce fertilizer amount and times, lower crop cost and environment pollution, improve crop quality. It is proved that the effective rate can be improved above 20% by using formula fertilizer.
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