Organic fertilizers are fertilizers that derived from animal manure, slurry, vegetable wastes and so on. It is carbon-based compounds that can increase the productivity and growth quality of products. The types of fertilizers you choose to use have a significant impact on your product quality. Then why more and more people adopts organic fertilizers nowadays?


Healthy foods
It is proved that many chemical substances are harmful to human beings and animals, such as nitrite. If people use chemical fertilizers that contain nitrite, it would easily persisted in plants after being absorbed. Instead the using of organic fertilizers would ensures the food free from the toxic chemicals. Compared to those who eat food items using chemical fertilizers, people who consume food using organic fertilizers are less likely to suffer from diseases such as cancer, strokes and many others.

Preserve fertility in the soil
Long term using of chemical fertilizers would cause serious adverse effects on the soil structure and restrain the activity of micro-organism. While organic fertilizers can improve the physical structure of soil. The using of organic fertilizers can also add enzymes such as phosphatase and cellulase into soil and then enrich the soil. Besides it can also increases the soil fertility and remains the fertility for hundreds of years.


Protect environment
The direct adopting of chemical fertilizers would pollute both the land and the water, which would lead to water eutrophication and then causing water degradation. Further more it is also one of the factors that causing the extinction of some plants, animals and insects species. Organic fertilizers are easily bio-degradable and would not cause environmental pollution.

In general, organic fertilizers cost much less than chemical fertilizers. Because organic fertilizers can help maintain soil fertility for many years, so farmers who adopt organic fertilizers for long times would require less fertilizers because his soil is already rich in necessary nutrient. In some conditions, it would reduce production cost up to 50%.
Our organic fertilizers production line can help you start fertilizers business, the theory of the fertilizers is “from the earth to the earth” style which can turns waste into value.