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Soil fertilization is to promote crop growth better. There are three main types of fertilization method: soil fertilization, foliage top-dressing. Soil fertilization is the most widely used method. Crop top dressing has many advantages such as convenient, fast fertilizer efficiency, high usage,remarkable effect, saving fertilizer, etc. There are some knowledge about fertilizer crops timely.

In the process of crop growing in the field, deficiency disease usually appear, and some crops often exhibit certain elements deficiency syndrome.

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At this time, foliar fertilizer can give supplement nutrition that lake of. It has strong pertinence, and far more quickly than the soil top-dressing fertilizer effect, and deficiency symptoms can ease soon.

In the middle and later periods of the crop growth, crop root absorption ability is generally weak, crop is in a big demand for nutrients. But at this moment, root activity is gradually recession, absorption ability reduces.

At this period, in order to meet crop nutrient demand, the effect of top dressing usage is generally very good, it can effectively make up for the inadequacy of the roots to absorb nutrients. Cereal crops such as rice, wheat, corn, should foliage top dressing in booting, flowering, grouting period. Legume crops such as soybean, peanut, broad beans can top dressing in flowering and podding stage. Cotton should be top dressing during the blooming period. These all have significant yield-increasing effect.


When crop growth affected by the bad environment during growth, it will be responsible for the crop root system to absorb nutrients if the soil moisture too little or too much drought, or soil overly acidic or basic. In this situation, the method of roots fertilizer application is already unable to meet the needs of crops, it should take top dressing timely.

Top-dressing can quickly replenish nutrition, meet the needs of the growth and development.
Rational fertilization is an important measure to achieve high yield, stable yield, low cost, environmental protection.