fertilizer use

Compound fertilizer contains two or three basic essential plant nutrients-NPK, and can include secondary nutrients and trace elements as well as microelements, such as B, Mn, Cu, Zn, and Mo. It is made by chemical method or hybrid method. Its purpose is to meet the needs of a variety of nutrients under different production conditions, agricultural comprehensive needs and balance. It is used in modern agriculture in a large number.

Compound fertilizers have good physical properties and scatter well when applied by machine. The nutrient ratios of compound fertilizers vary, depending on the method of production, the initial components, and the requirements of the plants fertilized. The compound might be organic or inorganic. Organic compounds might include manure, fish and bone meal as well as compost. Inorganic fertilizers combine various chemicals in the manufacturing process. Combinations for different crops and growing conditions are produced.


Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are the essential plant nutrients of compound fertilizer. Plants require these elements to complete their life cycle. Calcium, sulfur and magnesium are the secondary nutrients which are normally present in the soil but need to supplement periodically. Boron, copper and cobalt ate the trace elements. Compound fertilizers are used around the world with several variations.


There are different definition of compound fertilizer in different countries. The definitions are all similar based on the two or more essential nutrients are required. Inorganic fertilizers are used in a very large percentage, organic fertilizers are also widely used. So the combination of organic and chemical fertilizers are typically used.
Variations of compound fertilizers are used for nearly all crops. Complex fertilizers, which are produced through chemical interaction, are used primarily for industrial crops such as cotton and sugar beets. These complex fertilizers are a type of compound fertilizer with a chemical reaction being required to complete the production process.

Many production methods are being used to manufacture these fertilizers.
* Mixed granulation technology. Select several kinds of fertilizer raw materials powder measured according to the need, then mix and granulate in pelleting/ granulating machine.
* No-drying extrusion granulating technology. The raw materials are put into mixing machine in strict accordance with the technical requirements. Then granulate into fertilizer pellets by extrusion granulating machine.
* Bulk blending fertilizer mixing technology.The batched materials go into the feeding part of mixing system to adjust them at the best mixing state. Then enter into the unique designed mixing parts to mix the BB fertilizer raw materials fully.

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