Buying organic food or conventional food is a decision based on your family’s needs and wants, and your budget. Generally, both organic and orgnic foodconventional food must meet the same quality and safety standards. Organic food differs from conventional food simply in the way it is grown, handled and processed.
Organic foods are produced using farming methods which do not involve applying pesticides or chemical fertilizers, they are not processed using industrial solvents, chemical food additives, or irradiation.
Health experts and consumers have long debated whether organic foods are more nutritious and safer than organic vegetableconventional foods. This is a controversy that’s been going on for a long time. Followings are the Nutrition and Safety of Organic Food Compared with Traditional Food.

* The Pesticide Residue
Some reports indicate that organic food contains less pesticide residues than conventional food (13 percent of organic produce samples versus 71 percent of conventional produce samples contained a pesticide residue when long-banned persistent pesticides were excluded). If you’re concerned about pesticides , it might be worth it to buy them. But the traces of pesticides left on conventional food are unlikely to cause an increased cancer risk. Also, if fruits and vegetables are properly washed, most of the chemicals can be

* The Nutrients
Organic foods are not nutritionally superior to conventional foods. The scientists emphasized that they did not find any significant evidence pointing to nutritional benefits linked to the consumption of organic foods. If you buy organic just for its better nutrition, you are wrong. There is no scientific evidence to suggest that it is more nutritious or safer than conventional food. But at present, the results showed that the content of organic acids and phenolic compounds in the organic food higher than traditional food.
* The Nitrate Content
Numerous studies have proved that the nitrate content in the traditional food is much higher than that of organic food.