The Definition of Organic Food
Recently, organic food is becoming more and more popular, its popularity is increasing all the time. People are willing to pay more for safer, natural foods without chemical pesticides and additives. But most of them do not have a clear idea about the definition of organic food.
Simply speaking, organic foods are those foods that are produced, processed and packaged without using chemicals. They have been accepted due to their perceived health benefits over conventional food. Some of the popular organic food items include organic tea, organic coffee, organic wine, organic meat, organic beef, organic milk, organic honey, organic vegetables, organic fruits, organic rice, organic corn, organic herbs, organic essential oils, organic coconut oil and organic olive oil.

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Advantages of Organic Food
* Organically grown foods are natural, without any sprayed chemical.
* Organically grown foods are nutritious and full of taste although they may not look as colorful and well presented as shop produce.
* Organic foods put less burden on environment. Growing foods organically can protect the topsoil from erosion and is a great way of getting closer to nature.

applesHealth Benefits of Organic Food
Organic food is termed as certified food, which is produced in accordance with some production standards. It is grown in organic farms and vigorously monitored by the officials of a certification body, during the production.
* Organic foods can help people protect from heart disease and cancer, as they contain Phenolic compounds.
* Organic food ensures high food quality, which other conventional foods cannot give.
* Organic food is natural and fresh, and thus, it is tasty. Many people prefer to grow organic food in their home gardens, because it costs about 20% more than the conventional food.

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* Organic gardening uses organic seeds, organic fertilizers, compost, organic root stimulators, and organic pest control. It has been claimed by health experts that organic food is more nutritious.

How to Choose Organic Food?
* Search for the label / logo of the certification body that has monitored and approved the production and processing of the food item as organic.
* Keep yourself updated about the organizations that are authorized to sell organic food in your region.

* Check out the prices of different food items in different stores and buy accordingly. The price of organic food varies from 10% to even 200% depending upon the place from the shopkeeper has bought the product.

Organic food consumption has become the trend of the time, owing to the multiple health benefits that it offers. Organic food is absolutely natural and is packed with loads of vital nutrients required by the body. Some of the features that can be associated with organic food are quality, good taste, proper selection of crop varieties etc.