What is Organic Food?
Organic food must be produced without the use of sewer-sludge fertilizers, most synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, genetic engineering (biotechnology), plant growth organic fertilizergrowth hormones, irradiation and antibiotics. A variety of agricultural products can be produced organically, including produce, grains, meat, dairy, eggs, and processed food products.
“Organic” does not mean “natural.” There is no legal definition as to what constitutes a “natural” food. However, the food industry uses the term “natural” to indicate that a food has been minimally processed and is preservative-free. Natural foods can include organic foods, but not all natural foods are organic.

Why is Organic Food Becoming so Popular?
Organic food are healthier for our planet and us. The American Cancer Society estimates that 85 percent of cancers are from environmental toxins, such as pesticides, and not from genetic causes.
Current studies also confirm that organic farming is good for the environment. It requires less water, there are fewer toxic pesticides released, soil erosion is minimal, and nutrient levels in organic foods are improved. And, according to the Food Marketing Institute, more than half of Americans now buy organic food at least once a month. Why is Organic Food Becoming so Popular?

1. More Healthy
organic farmingPlanting organic food is generally chosen organic fertilizers which will not damage the soil. Organic fertilizers can make the soil more fertile and provide all the necessary elements to plants. Plants contains richer nutrition when growing up in the nutrition safe soil. Studies have found that nutritional ingredient of the organic food is 25% ~ 500% higher than ordinary food, such as iron, magnesium, calcium, trace elements and vitamin C, etc. Besides, organic cultivation food is more flavour and full-bodied.
Although organic food contains large amount of nutrients such as iron, trace elements, the heavy metals and cancer-causing nitrate content is very low, so don’t worry about it will cause any security hidden danger to the body.
2. Natural Food Taste
Experts specially remind that because of the special way of cultivation, organic food can keep natural ingredients of the product. Whatever way of cooking, it can keep the original taste as far as possible. And organic food is growing in the green environment, so it can effectively avoid outbreak diseases like avian flu. When choosing all sorts of meat, it is best to choose organic meat food.soil

3. Less Chemicals
In all kinds of the organic food usually contains a small number of chemicals, so it minimizes the harm to human body. This is because under the organic way of production, all production and processing processes are only allowed in the case of a limited use of chemical substances, so that we can greatly reduce the chemicals in food. Under the concept of organic production, in the process of all the food does not use any genetically modified organisms and their derivatives to absolutely guarantee the food health.
4. Soil Viability Protection
Nowadays soil degradation and pollution is becoming increasingly and severely, soil is the basic elements for our daily needs of many food. If the soil pollution problem can not solve in time, one day it leads to no room for food growth. And organic food will better protect the soil in the process of planting, and maintain the vitality of the soil, it’s better for human health and safety.