organic 2Bio-organic Fertilize Technology
Recent years, considering the needs of environmental protection and resource recycling, one type of new and practical technology–the biological organic fertilizer technology has come into our daily life and played a significant role in fertilizer industry.

MixFertilizerBiological organic fertilizer production technology refers to a treatment process that is adding certain amount of biological bacterial species in livestock and poultry manure and other organic materials, then through biological fermentation process, the beneficial microbial propagate so as to achieve the harmless and commercial processing purpose of complete deodorization, insecticide and sterilization. Here in the fermentation process, our organic fertilizer turning machine is your best choice which can loose and break the compost also with high efficiency. This technology is suitable for the animal manure processing of livestock and poultry farms, planting base, breeding center, etc.

Why Our Organic Fertilizer Turning Machine?
As professional manufacturer of compost turning machine, we are capable of providing qualified equipment and reasonable guidance in the fermentation treatment of animal manure, at the same time, we can ensure:
* Competitive price and reasonable structure design machine.
* Superior quality, stable performance, less maintenance.
* Safe and reliable operation, high efficiency.

In addition, if you want to conduct large-scale production of organic fertilizer, we can customize granulating machine as well as complete organic fertilizer production line according to your requirements.

Benefits of Biological Organic Fertilizer
Compared with conventional fertilizer, the organic fertilizer produced with our compost turner has many incomparable superiorities.Here are its advantages:organic fertilizers

* Biological organic fertilizer is a stabiliz ed organic fertilizer with an average to high nutrient content which can be safely stored and easily distributed.
* Biological organic fertilizer releases nutrients to the plants evenly and slowly. In addition, it serves as a positive influence on the humus balance.
* Convenient to use. After complete fermentation, the organic fertilizer has fragrant odor, loose texture and easy to apply. Besides, mechanical application of the fertilizer is also available after granulating.
* Improving the utilization ratio of the fertilizer, perfecting soil environment and enhancing the quality of agricultural products.
* Bringing about considerable economic benefits with lower cost.

Besides, the production of organic fertilizer by using the livestock and poultry manure, not only solved the problems of pollution and safe breeding of the poultry farms, greatly improved the working and living conditions of the practitioners, but also become a new economic growth point of the farms.