Organic fertilizer is the best soil fertilizer to solve the soil harden problems and influence the use effect to grow crops. It is the best fertilizer for planting organic fertilizer recipegreen crops and can solve the soil problems. So organic fertilizer is becoming more and more popular. And organic fertilzierorganic fertilizer production machines help solve the big production requirements.

But in the process of organic fertilizer production line,we need maintenance the organic fertilizer equipments, so as to achieve the best use effect and prolong the service time of equipments. So in the process of the use of organic fertilizer equipment production line, what are those we need to pay special attention? There are some compiled informations for you.

1. Anti-aging. Rubber or plastic products are easily aging metamorphism because the effect of the oxygen in the air and the ultraviolet ray in sunshine, they make the elasticity of the rubber parts become worse and easily broken. It is best for safekeeping of rubber parts to coat hot paraffin oil on the surface of rubber, should be placed the indoor shelf, use paper to cover them, keep the composingdrafty, dry and no compost pile largedirect sunlight.

2. Preventing deformation. The machine parts such as spring, long belt, tool rod, tires and other parts will produce plastic deformation if placed long-term stress or improper. Therefore, there should be properly supported under the frame to let the tires not bear the load.

All the compression or open springs pressure must relax on the machines. Remove the belts properly and keep them indoors. Some easy deformation parts such as long tool rod should flat or vertical hang. The parts such as tires, grain tube should be kept to prevent extrusion deformation.
3. In addition, in the use process of various kinds of equipments in organic fertilizer production line, it need to prevent the loss of parts. When not in use, the equipments should be disassembled, and the disassembled equipments parts should classify to prevent small parts missing to affect the use of the equipment. And stablish the strict loss prevention measures and important parts do locked storage devices.