Our fertilizer equipments are enjoying great popularity among the world. They are for making organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer and BB fertilizer. We can also manufacture all kinds of customized non-standard equipments. Among all of them, granulating machine is an important part in the fertilizer production line. We provide four kinds of fertilizer granulating machine, disc type, double roller type, rotary drum type, and ball shape granulator.


Disc fertilizer granulating machine is appropriate for granulating round fertilizer particles for organic or compound fertilizer. It has a large disc of adjustable angle. It has a high granulating rate of 93%, and the granules are with round and good shape. Most of them are with the diameter of 3-5mm. This granulator uses water for bonding, so it requires matching with a drying machine. The dried granules have a high strength and not easily disperse. By using this machine, you need never change the mold. The capacity ranges from 1-5 ton per hour. Disc fertilizer granulating machine is accompanied by a series of other machines to form our bio-organic fertilizer production line from raw materials collection to end product packaging.

Rotary drum fertilizer granulator is applicable for cold, hot granulation and mass production of compound fertilizer of different concentrations. Materials are fed from the feed end into the cylinder, which rotates and sticks the materials together into granules. The method is wet granulation with water or vapor added, which improves fertilizer temperature and creates high quality fertilizer particles. This feature also decides it should be matched with a drying machine. The granulating rate, diameter, and capacity of granules are different according to different formulation, processing procedure and raw materials, while the range of the capacity is from 1-20 ton per hour. It is the main equipment for the production of compound fertilizer.


Double Roller Fertilizer Granulator has wide applications for organic fertilizer, inorganic fertilizer, organic-inorganic compound fertilizer and magnetic fertilizer, etc. It uses squeezing principle by the two rollers to form fertilizer particles with diameters of 3.5-10mm. It doesn’t need drying machine, and is the most popular granulating methods in no-drying (2%-5% moisture content) fertilizer process at room temperature. The granulating rate is fertilizer_plantover 85% and the capacity is from 1-5 ton per hour. We provide no-drying extrusion compound fertilizer production line which employs the double roller granulator along with other fertilizer machines.

Ball shape fertilizer granualting machine is equipped with ball shaping device to make sure the round particles perfectly formed. It is for making bio-organic fertilizer which is made from turf, lignite, organic sludge and straws, etc, while the moisture content of these raw materials are from 20% to 40%. It can be also used for making organic-inorganic compound fertilizer with the size of 12mm below and feed granules made with the diameter of 3.5-5.5mm. The granulating rate is higher that 95%. The capacity is 1ton/hour, 1.3 ton/hour and 1.8ton/hour.
We are professional fertilizer machinery manufacturer and are ready to offer you practical guidance in fertilizer granulating. And you can also completely rely on us to offer the most proper turnkey solutions for making your fertilizer.