bone meal

1. What specific effect does organic fertilizer have on soil fertility?
Organic fertilizer can increase soil organic matter, improve soil physical and chemical properties. Increasing organic fertilizer to improving soil organic matter content is the main link to improve soil fertility. Organic matter could increase the air permeability, water permeability, water storage of the soil and improve the root growth environment to enhancement soil retention of fat ability.

2. Which elements provided by the organic fertilizer are chemical fertilizer can’t provide?
Organic fertilizer can provide the soil with organic nutrients and active substances, such as amino acid, humic acid, carbohydrate and nucleic acid degradation products, they are available for crop absorption, directly stimulate root growth. The organic fertilizer contains a large number of microorganisms, which can accelerate the decomposition and circulation of organic nutrients in the soil.
Applying a large number of chemical fertilizer or improper ratio of nutrients can cause a decline in quality of agricultural products. Rational application of organic fertilizer incorporated with the inorganic could not only improve yield but also reduce nitrate accumulation and increase Vitamin C content in the vegetable. The amino acid content of plants increasing can help enhance plant resistance and disease-resistant ability.


3. What effect does organic fertilizer have on the environmental improvement?
Organic fertilizer can reduce the use amount of chemical fertilizer to reduce fertilizer adverse impact on the environment. Organic fertilizer production process also is the recycling process of the urban and rural organic waste to change waste material into things of value. In addition, organic fertilizer applied can improve the organic matter content, increase soil adsorption of heavy metals and pesticides to reduce their harm.
4. What farmers should pay attention to when buy organic fertilizer?
First, look at the raw material, to determine whether the used raw materials for the product high quality or not. Currently, organic fertilizer manufacturers use better organic materials such as soybean meal, sesame meal, cassava waste, sugar slag, bacteria proteins, amino acids, humic acid, tobacco powder, etc.

raw material

Sometimes they will add calcium raw material such as bone meal, shell powder to increase the calcium content, which have markedly improved the fruit tree bitter pox disease and heart disease.
Second, look at whether microbial strains ratio is science or not. The enzyme system of fine strains is comprehensive, and enzyme activity is higher, the enzyme activity of the secretion of cellulase, xylanase, polygalacturonase, poly galactose lyase can meet the requirements of industrial strains, the tolerance is strong. Adding good microbial agents can greatly shorten the rotten period and improve the effect of rotten.
Third, look at whether factory production line process technology is strict or not. The whole production process of commodity organic fertilizer can be summarized as: burdening–rotten–granulation–cooling–divide sieving–packaging, and compost rotten degree is very important. Rotten degree of good product is higher, fertilizer efficiency is durable. If the rotten degree is not enough, it is easy to cause crop seedling.