Whirlston is a kind of company to provide high quality fertilizer making machines, it has good word of mouth in fertilizer equipment manufacturing industry in China. We are famous for our second to none quality robust vertical lathe in fertilizer machinery production.


Our company has perfect modern compound fertilizer processing equipment, advanced design, technology process, and technology strength for research and development of new products. We can also process and manufacture all kinds of non-standard equipments according to customer requirements.

Our company wholeheartedly provides you with complete sets of large scale and mini small scale compound fertilizer  production line and technical services, including no drying plant general layout design, technical guidance, complete sets of supply, commissioning and put into production through-train service.

Now, after many years of compound fertilizer granulator manufacturing experience and USES the high quality anti-corrosion wear-resistant materials, the domestic advanced compound fertilizer granulation equipment are elaborately manufactured, with beautiful appearance, simple operation, low energy consumption, long life, high granulating rate.

This series of roll granulation belongs to extrusion slip model, its working principle is that the motor drives belt and pulley, passed to the drive shaft through the reducer, and work with the driven shaft synchronous and relative through the open gear. Materials are joined from the hopper, molding after roll extrusion, demoulding and pelletizing, and transferred to the broken screen studio through a chain, sieving and separating finished grains products, and then the returned materials mixed with new materials, a new granulation begins. With continuous rotation of the motor, the materials feed into screen_stencil_of_the_granulating_machinecontinuously in order to realize batch production.

The shape and size of the ball socket in this series granulator can according to user’s need, it has a wide range of choice, such as ball shape of pillow, semicircle grain shape, shape of bar, pill shape, walnut shape, flat spherical and square shapes. At present, it’s generally used the flat ball shape.

The whole machinery is divided into four parts.

1. The frame parts: all the machine body ate installed on the rack. The machine frame adopts medium carbon steel plate, channel steel welded together, and through strict quality control and the specific technical requirements, can achieve the use purpose. There is a hole for hoist in the four corners of the frame to be used in the transport of loading and unloading.

2. Drive connecting parts: motor can drive belt pulley, triangle, and speed reducer driving to make the nose job. Otherwise, sprocket, chain of transmission chain is passed to the broken part separation work. The transmission speed reducer and the working parts of the nose pass drive with pin coupling mesh nylon column.roller

3. Working part of the nose: it’s composed by the driving wheel through column pin coupling to drive the roller, the roller synchronous operation by a pair of open round guarantee, both sides of the main driven shaft have a specific bearing, and bearing frame. It’s installed on the frame.

4. Broken separation work part: the materials flow to the underside broken indoor after roll extrusion, the biaxial mace rotation can separate out the ball and the returned material.

Extrusion granulation machine is used combined with compound fertilizer equipment, it’s the main equipment for the production of compound fertilizer, it has the following process characteristics: low investment, composition of raw materials have no special requirements, mixed fully chemical reaction raw materials, high environmental protection and low energy consumption, can produce higher economic benefit.