What we promote ground pile heap fermentation factory concept model, this mechanical equipment has the advantages of low investment, low energy consumption, fast into fat, large output of obvious advantages. Self-propelled organic manure compost turning machine is the ideal equipment which uses modern technology to change agricultural waste, saving waste and organic solid waste into high quality biological organic fertilizer. Its main feature is saving a large number of civil and resources engineering to make the scalability of system fat scale more casual.

Self-propelled compost turner make full use of space. The turner’s body is flexible, simple and convenient to integral hoisting drum. It adopts the advanced engineering mechanical transmission technology, makes no less between the energy conversion. The interrelationship between components can be both connected and adjusted separately. Under the condition of normal operation and more attention to the maintenance, the use of machine is zero fault.

compost turner

Self-propelled compost turner machine is the host in the production of special organic fertilizer complete sets of equipment. This machine adopts walking round design, can be forward, backward, turn, manipulation of driving by a person. The road vehicle ride across to the first piled elongated fertilizer machine, the machine is mounted under the rotation of the knife, which is used for fertilizer raw material folding, fluffy, heaping, and forming new bar piling. It can work in the open fields, greenhouses implementation assignments, can also be used in the workshop. The big breakthrough of this turner is integrating the broken function of the material at a later stage of fermentation. As material dehydration gradually, adding broken knife can effectively broken fertilizer plates formed in the fermentation process, it not only saves a grinder, but greatly improves the grinding efficiency, reduces the cost, can fundamentally solve the problem of the production mill restriction.

1. The use of advanced fermentation process (aerobic microorganism fermentation). Our self-propelled compost turner is designed according to the principle of aerobic fermentation, give bacteria fermentation full play to its function of space.

2. The mechanism and process requirement is more suitable for microbial fermentation savings manure as fertilizer, can effectively put the sticky savings feces and microbial agents, straw powder mixed up. It can create a better aerobic fermentation environment for material. The manure in this state of loose material, 3-5 hours deodorant, a day to heat up, the fermentation temperature is controlled in the 60-70 degrees and lasts 3 to 4 days. The manure becomes to fertilizer after 5 to 7 day, the formed fertilizer contains not less than 30 billion per gram beneficial soil microbial. It not only has faster fermentation speed, but also effectively prevents the fermentation process of harmful odorous gases such as hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, indole, which conforms to the requirements of environmental protection.


3. The whole dynamic balancing is appropriate, low consumption, high output, can reduce the cost of the biological organic fertilizer live according to the technical parameter measuring machine.

4. The whole machine structure is reasonable, good rigidity, force equilibrium, concise and strong, safe and reliable performance, easy handling, strong yard usability, in addition to the rough shape of the frame, the parts are all standard parts, convenient in operation and maintenance.

5. Self-propelled compost turner machines have different models in size, are divided into A type and B type. A type is suitable for viscous materials, such as cow muck, chicken manure, filter mud, sludge, furfural, etc.

6. The price is low, suitable for public opinion and is conducive to the broad masses of farmers actively into saving waste comprehensive environmental management work.