Organic fertilizer is processed by fermenting the animal and plant residues, it not only contains major elements that plant required such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, also contains microelements such as molybdenum, zinc, iron, copper and other trace elements which is called the roots flatslow-releasing potential complete fertilizer.
* Organic fertilizer mainly contains organic matter, can improve the soil quality by the humification of the organic matter and mineral. The nutrients organic fertilizer contain are comprehensive, all kinds of trace elements can meet the needs of different crops.
* Organic fertilizer efficiency is slow and long time. And organic fertilizer has a great effect on improving soil and protecting fertilizer for water-stable aggregate. Reasonable collocation use with chemical fertilizers can improve utilization rate of fertilizers.

Long time unreasonable use of fertilizers can not only cause the soil pollution, and ecological environment pollution. bagExcessive fertilizers into the soil increase water pollution and eutrophication, worsen water quality, produce quality decline and led to a series of food safety problems.

Research has shown that chemical fertilizers pollute soil pollution is mainly reflected on three aspects.
* Applying too much, can cause disorders of soil nutrient balance.
* Toxic phosphate fertilizer into the soil, it can form poisonous substances of plant by conversion, and the heavy metal in phosphate fertilizer will cause poisoning to the plant.
* The use level of fertilizer increasing year by year, can increase the metal content accumulation in the soil.
Therefore, developing organic fertilizer is both the need of people to improve food quality and the need of agricultural plantsustainable development strategy.

The number of chemical pollutants in soil and species is more and more, it can not only pollute the environment, but also affect the soil fertility and productivity, lower the quality of agricultural products to bring threats to human life and health. So protecting soil and purifying the polluted soil is an important task faced by the modern science and technology. The development and use of organic fertilizer plays a very important role to solve the agricultural ecological environment pollution, improve soil fertility, and promote agricultural development.
Currently, people pay more and more attention to food safety, and the demand of agricultural products quality is increasingly. The call for “ecological agriculture” is becoming stronger and stronger. The development of organic fertilizer must cater to the development of ecological agriculture, it has a broader tomorrow.

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