Introduction of Fertilizer Rotary Drum Screening Machine

Fertilizer Rotary Drum Screening Machine is a piece of common equipment used in fertilizer production, it is mainly used for the separation of finished rotary screening machineproduct and returned materials, also can achieve the finished product classification evenly. It adopts combined screen which is easy to maintain and change. This rotary screener is of high screening efficiency, thus becoming a new favorite among the fertilizer producing customers.

Features of Fertilizer Rotary Screening Machine
1. High screening efficiency: With plate-type sieve cleaning mechanism, the materials will not block the fertilizer screenerscreener no matter how sticky and wet they are.
2. Good working environment: It prevents the dust from polluting the environment.
3. Low noise: In the operation, the equipment is isolated by sealed dust cover.
4. Long service life: The machine is durable and has a longer service life than the same machines
5. Easy to maintain, large processing capacities, smooth running, wide application range.

Application of Fertilizer Rotary Drum Screening Machine
Rotary drum screening machine is used in many industries such as fertilizer production, steel making, mining, quarrying, foundries, food processing and chemical industry for the separating of bulk materials like compound fertilizers, organic fertilizers, stone aggregates, different kind of sand, active carbon and other materials.

Working Principle of Fertilizer Rotary Drum Screening Machine

screening machine diagram

Rotary screening machine consists of five parts, including hexagonal drum, rack, funnel, reducers and motor. After the fertilizer granules go into the drum, it is screened by the rotating of the drum, and on the other hand, granules with large size move forward along the drums gradient, screened gradually through different screen.

Technical Parameters of Fertilizer Rotary Drum Screening Machine

Model Capacity Length Power Diameter of Outer Screen
ZJ 1240 3-5 (t/h) 4000 (mm) 4 kw Φ1200(mm)
ZJ 1540 5-8 (t/h) 4000 (mm) 4.5 kw Φ1500(mm)
ZJ 1840 15-18 (t/h) 4000 (mm) 5.5 kw Φ1800(mm)
ZJ 2040 20-28 (t/h) 4000 (mm) 7.5 kw Φ2000(mm)