Continuity Type BB Fertilizer Production Line Introduction

Continuity type BB fertilizer production line is used to produce bulk blending fertilizer continuously. This continuity type can finish proportioning, Continuity Type BB Fertilizer Production Linemixing & packaging continuously in fertilizer production line. It is designed according to different soil components in different areas. The capacity is 20 tons-50 tons per hour, more suitable for big capacity production lines.

Why Choose Our Continuity Type BB Fertilizer Production Line?

1. Reasonable design, practical and easy to operate, automatic computer control.
2. High batching accuracy, electronic batching belt scale.
3. High capacity and efficiency, it can proportion and blend the fertilizer continuously. The capacity can be adjusted according to customers’ requirements.
4. Accurate packaging, automatic weighing and packaging machine.
5. Stable performance, reducing the investment in equipment, save the human and financial resources and energy consumption.
6. It’s the most advanced and reasonable BB fertilizer production line.

Product Process of Continuity Type BB Fertilizer Production LineBB fertilizers

Belt conveyor is the media of the whole working process in continuous BB fertilizer production  line.
PLC control system of computer Belt scale automatic proportional batching Belt conveyor Continuous mixing roller Quantitative filling machine to fill 25kg, 40kg, 50kg Folding and sealing Finished product storage.

Working Principle of Continuity Type BB Fertilizer Production Line

1. PLC Touch screen control system: Before production, customers should input the BB fertilizer production formulae into the computer. Then start it BB fertilizer line continuity typewhen producing. It can display and control the operation of the whole production line.

2. Batching system: Belt scale will automatic proportional batch the different raw materials continuously according to the formulae in computer.

3. Conveyor system: if mixing system is in the ground, after raw materials finish batching, the materials will fall on the main belt conveyor, the main belt conveyor will feed them into the roller mixing system; if mixing system is on the ground, after finish batching, the materials will fall on the main belt conveyor, then get into the mixing system at large dip angle belt. Materials out from the mixed system will go into the packaging system through another large dip angle belt.

4. Mixing system: the batched materials go into the feeding part of mixing system to adjust them at the best mixing state. Then enter into the unique designed mixing parts to mix the BB fertilizer raw materials fully. Then the mixed materials will be conveyed out by exporting part of the mixing system.

5. Packaging system: It can realize automatic quantitative filling, folding and sealing the finished products 25kg, 40kg, 50kg per bag according to customer’s requirements.

Technical Parameters of Continuity Type BB Fertilizer Production Line

Model Capacity Weighing Range Weighing Accuracy Types of Raw Material
SG-PX10 15-18T/H 5-50KG ±0.2% 4-6
SG-PX15 20-25T/H 5-50KG ±0.2% 4-6
SG-PX30 25-35T/H 5-50KG ±0.2% 4-6