fertilizer bucket elevator

Bucket Fertilizer Elevator Brief Introduction
Bucket elevator is to convey powder,granules and small lump materials whose piling density is less 1.5T/M3 and temperature is below 250℃. The conveying hopper volume is large enough to satisfy the general fertilizer production lines. It adopts chains structure and can conveys stably.

Bucket Fertilizer Elevator Rational Structure
The trailer part of bucket elevator is round chain which is made from superior quality alloy steel. The middle elevator rack can be made into single and double channels. Chain wheel is changable chains and has long working life. The bottom part is equipped with gravity automatic takeup device to offer constant tension. At the same time, when feeder gets stuck accidiently, the device can protect elevating shaft and other components.
Bucket Fertilizer Elevator Features
1.Elevator rack is made of superlative steel,durable.
2.The fertilizer granules temperature should below 250℃.
3.The middle machine rack has single and double channels.
4.Stable elevating process,low noise,simple to maintain.
5.Large conveying capacity, 30% higher than the common elevator.
6.The chain is welded from alloy steel and disposed by carburization and quenching, good extension and wear-resisting ability.

fertilizer bucket elevator structure


bucket elevator roller

Bucket Fertilizer Elevator Technical Data


Model TH315 TH400 TH500 TH600
Hopper type ZH SH ZH SH ZH SH ZH SH
Conveying volume 35L 59L 58L 94L 73L 118L 114L 185L
Hopper volume 3.75L 6L 5.9L 9.5L 9.3L 15L 14.6L 23.6L
Hopper distance 512mm 688mm
Round-steel(diameter*pitch) 18*64mm 22*86mm
Strength of the single chain(kn) ≧320 ≧480
Unit pulling weight(kg/m) 25.64kg/m 26.58kg/m 31.0kg/m 31.9kg/m 41.5kg/m 44.2kg/m 49.0kg/m 52.3kg/m
Rotating speed of the driving chain wheel 42.5rpm 37.6rpm 35.8rpm 31.8rpm
Max size of the material 35mm 40mm 50mm 60mm
Speed of the hopper 1.4m/s 1.5m/s

Remarks: ZH stands for middle-deep hopper; SH standards for deep hopper.