Belt Fertilizer Conveyor
Belt conveyor is the necessity to fertilizer production lines and plants,especially to connect production machines. Belt fertilizer conveyor is to convey fertilizer belt conveyorpowder,particles or small lumps materials whose bulk density is less than 1.67T/M3, at the same time, the temperature of conveying materials should be below 60℃. The assembling form is totally based on customers’ requirements. Both electric drum and driver rack are available.

Belt Fertilizer Conveyor Features
–Flexible conveying distances. Either long or short conveying distance.
–Rational assembles,simple structure,easy operation and low energy consumption.
–It can be designed into three types which are the flat type,V type and trough type.
–The whole conveyor is mainly composed of machine head,machine rack,carrier roller and conveyor,etc.
–Multifunctional for conveying powder,particles and small pieces of materials like coal,sand,cement,fertilizer and grains.

Vertical Lathe for Fertilizer Equipment Introduction
vertical lathe fertilizer machineVertical lathe applied to fertilizer equipment production is of advanced design and solid structure. It is used for both coarse and fine processing of cylindrical surface,circular conical surface,head surface,grooving,etc.PC controling program is imported from Japan and thus has good reliability. The horizontal line of lathe, the cage of press button and the workbench flow control are all Germeny products, thus ensures our fertilizer equipment top quality.

Fertilizer Equipment Vertical Lathe Wide Application
Vertical lathe has been popular in forging large equipment in heavy industry production like fertilizer,cement,mining,drilling,industrial furnace,etc. During fertilizer production,we need solid and robust rotary drum fertilizer granulating machine,fertilizer drying and cooling machine,etc. Our vertical lathe is second to none in producing excellent fertilizer equipment.