Double Hopper Fertilizer Packaging Machine Introduction

Our double-hopper fertilizer weighing and packaging machine is mainly used for quantitative packaging of various fertilizer particles with high speed, fertilizer weighingsuch as compound fertilizer, BB fertilizer, organic fertilizer, urea and so on. It is also appliable for many other granules materials packaging, including chemical materials, feedstuff, seeds, rice, etc. Fertilizer weighing and packing machine is mainly composed of automatic weighing machine, conveyor, bag sewing machine and automatic controlling box, rational design and structure.

Double Hopper Fertilizer Weighing Packaging Machine Features

* Adopts multilevel feeding mechanism which results in wide weighing range and ensures the speed and accuracy under the maximum or minimum weighing value.

* The components which contacted with fertilizer materials are all made from stainless steel and meet fertilizer bagnational standards on fertilizer equipment,durable.

* The weighing system utilizes PLC touching screen controlling and is designed according to the dustproof, waterproof and anti-corrosion requirements.

* Advanced design concept,compact structure,easy operation,little room occupancy.

* Reliable performance, high efficiency,accuracy weighing, low energy consumption.screen

* Freely choose multiple matched devices like conveyor, bag sewing machine,air pump.

* Both individually and work in combination with other fertilizer equipment are available.

Double Hopper Fertilizer Weighing Packaging Machine Application

Double hopper fertilizer weighing and packing machine is widely used for packaging fertilizer granules, and also for other crystal, particle, loose and flaky materials. It has with good flow-ability in fertilizer, chemicals, feedstuff, chemical raw materials, seeds, rice, sugar making and other industry.

Double Hopper Fertilizer Weighing Packaging Machine Technical Parameter


Weighing Range/ Hopper

Drive Mode Max. Weighing Weight Accuracy

Weighing Rate

Power /Current

Air Supply Pressure Single Hopper Capacity Weighing Mode Hopper Type

Frequency /voltage

Power Supply Mode

Dimension (L*W*H)


5-50KG Pneumatic 100kg ±0.2% – 0.4%





92L Sensor Suspension

50Hz 60Hz


3-Phase 5-Wire System

4200*1750 *3320mm