Why Fertilizer Mixing Machine
vertical fertilizer mixing machineVertical mixing machine is the most widely applied blending equipment in mixing and crushing bulk powder materials such as chemical powder,building clay,putty powder,mortar,slag,feed powder,coating and fertilizer,etc. Fertilizer mixing machine is ideal to offer homogenous raw fertilizer materials for further fertilizer production. To produce qualified compound fertilizer and BB fertilizer,fertilizer mixing machine is indispensable.

Fertilizer Vertical Mixing Machine Introduction
Fertilizer mixing machine offered in Whirlston can be divided into vertical type and horizontal type mixing machine.Vertical mixing machine is composed of feeding cylinder,main mixing shaft,machine rack,motor,cycloidal reducer,rotating arms and stiring spades,etc. The motor is installed vertically and that’s why we call it vertical mixing machine. Vertical mixing machine rack is fabricated with abrasion resistant steel and on inner side liner PVC plate is equipped to prevent particles sticking.

Vertical Mixing Machine Advantages
1.Robust structure.It is fabricated with abrasion resistant steel,wear resistance,durable.fertilizer mixing
2.Rational design and configuration. PVC plate padded to prevent sticking the inside liner.
3.Cycloidal reducer,high speed and efficiency,energy saving.
4.Average mixing and crushing, easy to operate and discharge materials.
5.Can either work independently or matched with fertilizer plant.

How a Vertical Mixing Machine Works
The whole mixing process is driven by the main shaft after starting the motor. There are several stiring spades welded on the main shaft and small shovels are set on each stiring spade. Feed the fertilizers into the cylinder. It is the shovels and stiring spades that play the important role in blending materials homogeneously. Then open the discharging door to layout the averagly mixed fertilizers. As the material is not very humid, there is hardly stick on the stiring spades or shovels,thus it’s no necessary to clean the machine.

reduction gears

About the Cycloidal Reducer
Cycloidal reducer is an innovative pin gearing. The whole gearing system is composed of three parts:input section,deceleration section and output section. Compared to ZDY and GSS, it has several convincing advantages such as high speed and high efficiency,compact structure,stable performance, low noise,durable,easy to assemble and disassemble,etc. Cycloidal reducer is widely applied to fertilizer,mining,metallury,construction,power generation,food,pharmacy,textile industry, petroleum,hoisting and so on.

Fertilizer Vertical Mixing Machine Technical Data

Model PJ1500 PJ1800 PJ2000 PJ2200 PJ2500
Pan diameter 1500mmmm 1800mm 2000mm 2200mm 2500mm
Pan height 500mm 500mm 500mm 500mm 500mm
Rotary speed 12r/min 10.5r/min 10.5r/min 10.5r/min 9r/min
Power 5.5kw 7.5kw 11kw 15kw 18.5kw
Capacity 3-5t/h 5-7t/h 7-9t/h 9-11t/h 12-16t/h
1500*1520*1368mm 1800*1820*1368mm 2000*2220*1368mm 2200*2240*1503mm 2500*2520*1653mm