organic fertilizer making machine

What is organic fertilizer? Organic fertilizer is mainly used to supply nutrients to promote the rapid and balanced growth of plants/crops. In organic fertilizer manufacturing process, organic fertilizer machine becomes an inevitable equipment.

About New Type Dedicated Organic Fertilizer Granulator
The largest production capacity of this organic fertilizer granulator can reach to 6-8 tons per hour, which completely satisfies high capacity requirement of fertilizer manufacturers/investors. It is with features of smooth operation, sturdy and durable, long service life and stable base design, making it become an essential making machine in organic fertilizer production line. Its granulation rate can reach above 90%
Using the high-speed rotary mechanical stirring force, the new type organic fertilizer granulator granulates the powdery raw materials into granular organic fertilizers. All those granules are with homogeneous size, smooth surface, and beautiful appearance.

organic fertilizer granules

Shape of the finished products: Round Shape
High degree of sphericity: ≥0.7
Diameter of the fertilizer granules: 0.3-3mm (it is changeable by adjusting the rotating speed of main spindle and materials mixing amount, the lower amount & higher speed, then the smaller granules )
Materials granularity: less then 50 mesh
Moisture content of raw materials: 20-40%
Content of organic matter: 100%

Wide Application of New Type Organic Fertilizer Making Machine
This fertilizer granulator can be used for a variety of raw materials.
a.It can be applied in Bio Organic Fertilizer Production Line. Raw materials: peat, lignite, organic municipal sludge, and straw.
b.It can be applied in Cake Fertilizer Production Line. Main raw material is soybean cake.
c.It can be applied in Organic Compound Fertilizer Production Line. Raw materials is chicken manure, pig manure, cow dung, and other livestock/poultry waste.
d.It can be applied in Complete Feed, Mixed Feed Production Line. Raw materials are maize, legume, and grass powder.
e.It can be applied in Biological Feed Production Line. Raw material is crop stalks.

Working Principle of New Type Organic Fertilizer Granulating Machine


Technical Data of New Type Organic Fertilizer Granulator

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