LP Series Vertical Fertilizer Chain Crusher

Vertical chain crusher is specially designed to crush large fertilizer particles and returning fertilizers with less than 6% moisture content in compost vertical fertilier crusherproduction.Hard fertilizer particles like ammonium and carbamide are also a piece of cake to vertical chain crusher. Its crushing role also covers industries like compost fertilizer, bio-organic fertilizer,chemical and feed,etc. The rational chain design and robust composing materials highlight our vertical chain crusher, so for various sizes fertilizer plants, it is certainly your first choice.

LP Series Vertical Fertilizer Chain Crusher Features
‥Matched with synchro-speed, high strength alloy plates,durable.
‥Can work in single machine or by combining two crushers work together.
‥Uniformly crushed fertilizer particles, no sticking to the chamber body.
‥Rational design of chain plates,inlet and outlet position and size.
‥Simple to operate and maintain, small room occupation.

Crushing Chains in Fertilizer Vertical Chain Crusher fertilizer crushing chains
You can combine two crushers to improve efficiency. The motor is vertical installed beside the feeder. The motor shaft is through crushing chamber and connects with the main shaft. On the main shaft there are two groups of chain plates with a certain distance. The chain plates are made of carbon steel or stainless steel and they are synchro-speed designed. Each group of chain plates are composed of two same plates,one is on upper side and the other is lower. There are six chain holes on every piece of chain plate and these holes are in the same vertical line. The chains go through the holes and hang crisscross. With the main shaft rotates, the chains on the plates crush large fertilizer particles.

How to Crush Fertilizer
The motor drives chain plates rotating and due to the centrifugal force, the chains whip fast and form two turning surfaces. When the fertilizer slump from feeding inlet, it is cracked down by the upper chain and become smaller particles, at the same time, it is thrown onto the inner liner and drop to the lower chain plates. Then the lower chain also impacts smaller particles and strike it to smash. That means the fertilizer materials crushing process is such a model like struck-crushed-thrown-struck-smashed.

Vertical Fertilizer Chain Crusher Technical Data

Model Maximum feeding granularity Granularity after crushing Motor power Producing capacity
LP500 ≤60mm <Φ0.5mm 11kw 1-3t/h
LP600 ≤60mm <Φ0.5mm 15kw 3-5t/h
LP800 ≤60mm <Φ0.5mm 18.5kw 5-8t/h