fertilizer cage mill

No-dust Fertilizer Cage Mill Instruction
No-dust fertilizer cage mill is a kind of newly developed medium size horizontal crusher. It is quite a hot potato in crushing different single chemical ingredient fertilizer and high nitrogen compound fertilizer whose moisture content is under 6%. For those rigid and hard fertilizer particles, it is more popular. Our fertilizer cage mill is installed with a cyclone dust collector which greatly lowers down the dust content and that’s why we call it no-dust cage mill. For fertilizer production plant, cage mill can be a nice option.

No-dust Fertilizer Cage Mill Advantages

fertilizler milling partMultifunctional to mill compound fertilizer and single chemical ingredient fertilizer.
Rational design of two motors, feeder,milling shafts and cyclone dust collector.
Making fine and clean compound fertilizer,avoid much dust during carbamide crushing.
Simple operation, logical structure and stable performance.
Small room occupation,easy to clean and maintain.

No-dust Fertilizer Cage Mill Crushing Principle
Cage mill smaller size compared with other crushers attributes to its rational design in feeding and impacting. The cage mill for fertilizercrushing shafts installed on the round disc constitutes a rotating cage to create impact force and crush materials.

Fertilizer feeds from the side feeder and is crushed by the shafts on the disc. The crushed materials drop and go through a second time impact.With the increasing of rotors, the particles are much smaller and finer. The sideway feeding makes the materials spread uniformly on the disc during its rotation.

Why Cyclone Can Extract Dust
Similar to laundry machine,roller coaster and merry-go-round,cyclone extracts dust by the huge centrifugal force.When the air goes along a spiral path fast, all the materials will be thrown away due to the amazing centrifugal force. And thus, air and materials will be separated without any filter at all, at the same time, the materials deposits to the bottom of the cylinders. We need no worry about the overflow of dust.

No-dust Fertilizer Cage Mill Technical Data

Model Rotary speed Power Producing capacity Dimension
WLF650 2000r/min 26kw 4-6t/h 1800*1300*1160mm 2300kg
WLF800 2000r/min 37kw 6-10t/h 2200*1500*1360mm 2550kg