High Moisture Fertilizer Crushing Machine Brief Introduction
high moisture fertilizer crusherHigh moisture fertilizer crushing machine is typically designed and applied to wet fertilizer material such as straw, sludge, barks, manures, humic acid,etc. Customers can adjust crushing spaces according to the thickness of fertilizer particles they need. It contains two layers crushing systems which crush the materials finely enough to less than 3 mm; what’s more, it has no strict demands on fertilizer materials and the moisture content can reach about 30%. It is always your option if you are to produce organic fertilizer.

High Moisture Fertilizer Crusher Advantages
▷Suitable to various organic fertilizer production, crushing humid and dry fermented fertilizer.
▷Shorten fertilizer processing stages, reducing cost and investment.
▷High crushing speed,fine and uniform powder fertilizer.
▷No screen design protects motor and machine components.
▷Good lining leather to prevent sticking.

High Moisture Fertilizer Crusher Application
For those humid fertilizer material,it is your very choice to take advantage of our high moisture fertilizer crusher. To be specific, its crushing range organic materials after crushingcovers the following material:
–Dry or wet animal manure like chicken manure,pig manure and cow manure,etc after fermentated.
–Dry slush materials need to be crushed.
–Biogas residues in biogas digester.
–Municipal solid waste need crushing, can also grind plastic,broken china or bricks among them.
–Dried seeding and rattan.

Consideration on Fertilizer Production Line
To build a fertilizer production plant, we should take into consideration these factors including fertilizer material and its characteristics,local soil conditions,the planting configuration and the main plants in your place, factory position choice,the automation degree of production,etc.

Working Video of High Moisture Fertilizer Crushing Machine:

High Moisture Fertilizer Crusher Technical Data

Model HMC-40 HMC-60 HMC-90 HMC-110
Output 1-2t/h 2-4t/h 4-8t/h 10-15t/h
Crushed material diameter 0.5-5mm 0.5-5mm 0.5-5mm 0.5-5mm
Power 22kw 30kw 37kw 45kw
Dimension 960*560*850mm 1632*1560*1180mm 2120*2040*1800mm 2160*2276*1880mm