Introduction to Lane Type Compost Turner  
Lane turner walks on the walls of fermentation lane to turn, mix and crush the materials within the lane, making the material decomposed. The turning machine is suitable for the composting of organic solid waste like animal manure, household garbage, sludge, and crop stalks, and is also suitable for feed fermentation. High work efficiency, stable operation, sturdy and durable, and evenly turning. Lane compost turner is ideal for small scale organic fertilizer fermentation.

Features of Lane Type Composting Equipment
1. With the transfer vehicle, the turner can work on multiple lanes. Easy operation, short fermentation period, sufficient fermentation, little pollution, convenient to expand the plant.
2. Adopt control cabinet to control the machine, both manual and automatic control is available.
3. Occupying small land to fulfill the harmless treatment of organic waste.


4. Advanced technology, compact structure, low energy consumption, stable product quality.

Working Principle of Lane Compost Turning Machine
Lane type fermentation uses walls on the concrete floor to form the fermentation lane. On top of the lane wall lays the rail. The electric motor drives the turner, making it walking back and forth along the rails. With the high speed rotating of turning wheel, the stirring teeth on the wheel crush, mix and turn the material in the fermentation lane. The material after turning is loose, which is better for aerobic fermentation. By the transfer vehicle at the discharge side of the fermentation lane, the turning machine can move from one lane to another.

Technical Data of Lane Turner

Model HRSD-FJ6000x1050 HRSD-FJ6000x350 HRSD-FJ4000x050 HRSD-FJ4000x350
Power 25.74kw 41.5kw 10kw 10kw
Working Speed 50m/h 50m/h 50m/h 50m/h
No-load Speed 100m/h 100m/h 100m/h 100m/h
Lane size(WxH) 6000x1050mm 6000x1050mm 4000x1050mm 4000x1050mm
Dimension 6670x3920x2740mm 6700x4800x3200mm 4670x3920x2740mm 4700x4800x3200mm
Stirring Teeth Lifting Height 1400mm 1500mm 1400mm 1500mm