Introduction of Hydraulic Lane Compost Turner
Hydraulic lane compost turner uses hydraulic system to control the lifting of turning device, which saves labor and prolongs the machine’s service life. The turner is designed according to the aerobic fermentation technology. It can mix the materials evenly, providing better aerobic environment for fermentation. Equipped with a control cabinet, lane type compost turning machine can be controlled both manually and automatically.

Advantages of Hydraulic Lane Turner Machine
1. Equipped with a transfer vehicle, lane turner is suitable for multiple lanes operation, saving investment.
2. Adopt proper power supply, having low energy consumption and large capacity, reducing the initial cost of organic fertilizer production.Hydraulic_Lane_Turning_Machine

3. Adopt reasonable design with good rigidity and balanced stress, having safe and reliable performance.
4. All parts adopt standard parts except the frame, lane turner is easy to operate and maintain.
5. High efficiency, smooth operation, sturdy and durable, even turning.

Application of Hydraulic Lane Composting Equipment
Lane turner is suitable for the composting of animal manure, sludge, sugar mill filter mud, compostoilseed meal, crop straw, and other kinds of organic wastes. It is widely used in organic fertilizer plant, organic-inorganic fertilizer plant, sludge treatment plant, horticulture plantation and Agaricus bisporus cultivation plant, etc.

Working Process of Hydraulic Lane Compost Turner
The fermentation process occurs in one or multiple lanes. The compost turner machine walks along the rail on top of lane walls. The material is put at the input side of the lane, and the turning wheel is lowered into the material. By the high speed rotating of turning wheel, the stirring teeth on the wheel crush, mix and turn the materials, promoting the rapid fermentation of materials and evaporation of moisture. With the moving of compost machine, the material also moves towards the discharge side of the lane, meanwhile maturing into stable compost. At the discharge side, the hydraulic system lifts the turning wheel to proper height, so that the compost turner can move towards the input side rapidly. By the transfer vehicle, the turning equipment can move from one lane to another.

Technical Data of Hydraulic Lane Turner

Power 15.5kw 22.75kw
Working Speed 50m/h 50m/h
Lane Height 700mm 900mm
Lane Width 3000mm 4000mm
Stirring Teeth Lifting Height 700-1000mm 800-1100mm