Whirlston horizontal double shaft chain fertilizer crusher was shipping to America a week ago. Our client Michael plans to crush all kinds of organic wastes using this machine in his manure fertilizer production plant.

How Does This Manure Crusher Work?

Whirlston double shaft chain fertilizer grinder adopts on the roll form, and feed inlet layout is reasonable so that it has adequate material crushing time. And then materials are fully broken, which is in uniform particle size and easy to granulated.

You can add feedings on double shaft chain crusher. Lump materials of different sizes are splintered and crushed by two counter-rotating rolls. And then crushed materials are sent out by rolls. Materials are impacted and crushed again by two high-speed counter-rotating rolls at the bottom of rolls.

Structure of Double Shaft Organic Fertilizer Grinding Machine
Whirlston double shaft chain fertilizer grinder is working with double rotor. The main working part of the chain-type crusher is a rotor with a steel ring chain. One end of the chain is connected with the rotor, and the other end of the chain is equipped with a ring of wear-resistant steel. The chain circumference velocity is in the 28 ~ 78m / s.

Chain fertilizer grinding machine consists of feed inlet, body, material outlet, rotor (including bearings), transmission and shock absorber.

In order to prevent chafing of materials and steel body, it is designed with rubber plates in the body of the machine. There is quick-opening type access door on both sides of the body. The body and transmitter are installed in a steel base and shock absorber is installed under base.

Chain Fertilizer Grinder Application

Horizontal double shaft chain fertilizer crusher is used for raw materials crushing in both compound fertilizer production and organic fertilizer production process. It is also suitable for crushing various brittle and binding materials such as soda ash, dry clay, shale and limestone, chemical industry, building materials, mine production, etc.
Shipping Pictures of Double Shaft Chain Grinder Machine:

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